What is a short sale

Security Realty & Capital are experts at negotiating short sales, getting them approved by the lending institution and helping distressed homeowners navigate the entire short sale process.

    There are many people throughout Kansas City that:

  • cannot afford their mortgage payments
  • cannot refinance their home because the value has drastically dropped
  • think that they have no option other than foreclosure

If you are one of these people, we are here to tell you that foreclosure is not the only option! At Security Realty & Capital, we have helped homeowners just like you. If you have an upside down or underwater mortgage, and are struggling to make your mortgage payments or avoid foreclosure, selling your home via a Short Sale may be the best solution for you. A “short sale” occurs when your lender agrees to accept less money for the payoff of your home than you owe on your mortgage(s).

    Benefits of Wholesale Direct Real Estate’s Short Sale Service

  • relieves your stress from being in foreclosure and being hounded by your lender
  • allows you to eliminate your big mortgage payment and move on with your life
  • allows you to stop foreclosure and get a fresh start
  • prevents additional damage to your credit

Having some late payments and possibly a foreclosure already filed against you has done damage to your credit. However, a completed foreclosure will do much more damage to your credit score and lower it dramatically. A short sale however, results in your mortgage being paid off and this reflects positively as compared to a foreclosure. Also, it is important to note that a short sale does not cost you any money. You can remove your mortgage burden via a short sale for free.

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