Why We Love Zillow

When the president of the United States wanted to conduct a forum on the current housing market, did he call NAR (the National Association of Realtors) to set it up? No. Instead, Barack Obama sat down with Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff. When it comes to branding, Zillow has done its homework. Zillow is near the top of the first search engine results page for just about any real estate term or search. When Google trusts Zillow that much, why shouldn’t we?

Zillow has national advertising spots that focus on the consumer ~ You and I and the experience rather than the agent and the benefits of using an agent. It has created what is arguably the best app for finding homes while on the go. Zillow is a brand about the consumer.

We love Zillow for its simplicity in aggregating data on nearly 110 million homes. For it's Zestimates, homes for reviews, and other useful information - homeowners, homebuyers and curious neighbors rely on Zillow for "inside" information not found anywhere else in the world.

Most importantly we love Zillow for the democratizing of real estate data ~ a starting point for both buyer and seller to initiate conversation when buying or selling a house. With or without a real estate agent.

It's been said that the enemy of truth isn't the lie, but the myth. The mission of Zillow is to replace that folklore with facts, data and analysis.