How Can Every Home Buyer Offer “Top Dollar”

Best, Top, All Cash: type any key word into Google that is related to selling your home and you will certainly find these terms at the top of the list. Most home buying businesses claim that they are the “top” buyer, but every business can’t be the “top” one.  At Security Realty & Capital, we don’t make superfluous statements.

While you won’t find us saying we are the “top” buyer, you will discover that we are committed to providing you with an offer that is fair to all parties.  We will always ask this question, “did everyone win”?

If we make an offer on your home you’re likely to hear just how much we like what we see.  You won’t hear any talk of “top offers” however Security Realty & Capital will guarantee to pay $1,000.00 over any existing offer.

We know that selling your home is stressful enough - you don’t need a real estate prospector to make it even more complicated. If you want to work with a company that is honest, straightforward, and can close at a time that is right for you, then you want to work with us.

Jeff Basler – Portfolio Manager, Security Realty & Capital