Let’s win together:

Our experienced team of professionals has been involved in dozens of properties and with millions of dollars invested in our acquisitions, sales & renovations. We are pleased with our track record & with our ‘everyone must be better-served when our transaction is completed’ philosophy. The buyer, the seller, our employees and our business partners must be positively served.

Simply Put we measure our success by this yardstick: “Did everyone win?”


Our management team provides vast experience & expertise to simplify the complexities of real estate transactions. Together, we provide our clients, buyers & sellers as well as our business partners with nearly 50 years of combined financial and real estate experience. Experience does bring value!


We are delighted to have a long-term underwriting relationship with an outstanding lender located in Kansas City, MO. This allows maximum flexibility in funding our transactions. We have the capital to meet very diverse business needs.

Re-creation :

Renovation or as we describe it … RECREATION …. is one of the more rewarding aspects of our business. Each of our newly-acquired properties is a blank canvas and our craftsmen are the brushes to apply the great materials, colors & directed labor that make our projects gorgeous. Most importantly, we re-create knowing that this will be a new home to a family.
To that end ~ our work is done with diligence and pride.


Our leadership team provides our business with the proper attitude, philosophy, management, expertise, capital and creativity to ensure that your experience with us meets or exceeds expectations. Winning together is the goal!